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2008 CPPA Annual Meeting, 11/08/08, at the Veterans Legion Post,

Solvang, CA


9:15 am……..Meeting begins.


ALL CPPA Board Members present, except ……Nabor, Tritenbach, McGinity, Tainter, Papietro


TREASURER’S REPORT....Read and presented to all members at the annual meeting.


All CPPA accounts are in good standings.  Discuss banquet dinner costs, CPPA fee increase from $2 to $3 for sponsors and no cost for speaker, since Tom Gaines didn’t request a fee.    Report accepted.


MINUTES...minutes from State Match meeting read and accepted.   






MEMBERSHIP….. To check on number of members current.


MATCH SPONSORS…Nothing.   Reminder to get fees in.


STATS AND RECORDS....... List out on stats and records.  Team captains need to contact John Koon with correct team numbers.  Send match pictures and Stats-Record info to John Koon.  He will post on CPPA website.   John has list of 46 shooters with 10+ matches.




DISTINGUISHED MATCH........The 2008 final standings emailed to BOD and posted at today’s meeting.  Three shooters legged out.  Three in the revolver and three in the semi-auto programs.  We have enough badges on hand for the awards. 


TARGETS……Sponsors order their own targets. 


PUBLICATIONS. Front Sight posted on the website.  Also match results and match flyers are not being sent out to all shooters.  Match sponsors need to remind shooters to fill out a mailing label for results.



Long Beach PD to be taken off the CPPA seniority list.  They cancelled the last two (2) years’ matches.  They will be moved to the bottom of the list, if reinstated.  CPPA rule 5(b).


NEW BUSINESS          


Tom Gaines, NRA-BOD spoke with the CPPA membership at the annual meeting.  Tom discussed the National Police Shooting Matches and the NRA Law Enforcement Committee.  National Committee members are Tom, Patti Fant and Dwight Van Horn.


Tom explained the NRA moving the national matches to Albuquerque, New Mexico and the support groups involved with running these National Police Shooting matches.  They will have a NRA regional match next year.  The NRA has two (2) more years with the contract with Albuquerque PD.   The NRA has also made changes in their staff of people running the matches and these changes should help with the Law Enforcement Programs.


If any of the CPPA membership has questions concerning the national matches, Tom Gaines provided his email:         Please contact Tom with your questions.


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Match Selections:


Selection of matches for 2009.  (using seniority list of sponsors)  LBPD#7, dropped from list.


Match Sponsor Seniority:


1.                   Stockton PD

2.                   CHP

3.                   SAC/SO

4.                   LAPRAAC

5.                   LASD

6.                   RSO

7.                   Santa Cruz-SO

8.                   CPPA

9.                   USBP



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MAR 29            JACK’S MATCH @ Sacramento Sheriff’s Range


APR 4-5            LAPRAAC @ Long Beach PD range  (Postal-SAC/SO, 4/5)


APR 18-19        RSO-LASD @ Riverside range.         (Postal-CHP, 4/19)


APR 25-26        Sacramento SO @ Sacramento Sheriff’s Range  (Postal-USBP @ RSO range)


MAY 2-3           CHP @ SAC/SO range,  CPPA Banquet in Sacramento

                        BOD meeting 2pm-May 2


MAY 16-17        STOCKTON PD at SAC/SO range  (Postal-RSO @ RSO range)


JUN 19-20         LASD at LASD range.                      (Postal-SAC-SO, 6/20)

                        (Police Summer Games this week)


JUL 11-12          LAPD#2 at Long Beach range         (Postal-Stockton PD @ SAC)


JUL 24-26          CPPA Regional-State matches @ LASD range

                        BOD meeting 2pm-Jul 25


AUG 1-2            Santa Cruz-SO @ SAC-SO range   (Postal RSO)


AUG 19-22        USBP Regional @ SDSO range, San Diego, CA


NOV 7              CPPA Annual Meeting, Stockton, CA  @ 0830 hours




Other Matches (Not CPPA sanctioned)


JUN 5-6 Boise State & Regional Matches, Boise, ID

JUN 14-20         Western States- Police Summer Games, Los Angeles, CA

JUL 14-18          NRA Raton State & Regional Matches, Raton, NM

SEP 20-24        NPSC, Albuquerque, NM


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Contact information for the 2009 match schedule.  Each sponsor will send out match flyers and emails to all CPPA members prior to their matches.





JACK MATCH:  Bob Yoshida, email:


LAPD#1 (LAPRAAC Match):  Helen Papietro, email:,


CHP MATCH:  John Koon, email:


SAC/SO MATCH:  BOB YOSHIDA, (Jack Match information also) 



STOCKTON MATCH:  Tom Cantrell, email-


LASD MATCH:  John Arthur, email-


US BORDER PATROL: Ben Morrow, email:


SANTA CRUZ:  Mark Tritenbach, email:


LAPD2:  Bob Barnes,








PRESIDENT:                 John Koon, email:


1ST VICE PRES: Rick Kothlow, email:


SECRETARY:                John Krupa, e-mail:


TREASURER:                Mark Liddi, email- ,


SOUTHERN VP Helen Papietro,  email-


SOUTHERN                  Mike Tangas, email-


                                    Lee Tainter, email-


                        John Arthur, email:


NORTHERN VP Bob Yoshida, email:


NORTHERN                  Jerry Eason,  email:


                                                Tom Cantrell, email:


                                    Mike McGinity, email-


FRONT SIGHT: Patti Fant, 4526 Grand Avenue, Montclair, CA  91763, (909) 591-3340-H, 

email:  John Koon will put the Front Sight on the website and email to members.


New Business     continued....




Membership accepts nominations for Sportsperson of the Year for 2008.  

Nominations:  Rick Kothlow, Patti Fant, and John Koon. 

Jerry Eason and Tom Cantrell counted the votes and will announce the winner at the CPPA annual banquet on May 2, 2009 in Sacramento, CA.


Free Match Entry for all 2009 CPPA matches. 


Drawing was for all members present at the ANNUAL MEETING-2008.    Winner is Adrian Ruiz-RSO.  Adrian will get FREE MATCH ENTRIES for all of the 2009 CPPA matches.


Reminder…Match Sponsors need to pay Mark Liddi $50 for Annual Meeting Costs.


1:13pm..........MEETING ADJOURNED



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2008-(2009)   CPPA BOARD MEETING        11/08/08



1:25pm,  Meeting Begins. (at Solvang Legion Post)


All NEW Board Members present, except Papietro, McGinity & Yoshida.


President John Koon sets committees for 2009 season.


COMMITTEES for 2009:


Protest & Classifications:                       Koon, Yoshida, Krupa, Eason

Stats & Records:                                   Papietro, Kothlow, Marian Koon

Membership:                                         John Arthur, Liddi

Distinguished Match:                              Phil Fant, Krupa

Publications:                                         Marian Koon

Match Sponsors:                                   Kothlow, McGinity, Tainter

GOV 20                                                BOD…all will be involved.

By-Laws:                                               Papietro, Eason, John ArthurPatti Fant

Competition Rules:                                 Yoshida, Tainter, Eason

Computer Book:                         Koon

Awards & Trophies                                 Koon, Morrow, Cantrell, Kothlow, Tainter



List of to Do’s for Governor 15 banquet for Sacramento.  Northern board (CHP/SAC) will check on a banquet location. Tainter will check on proclamations.  CHP/SAC will do flowers.  Liddi will handle raffle and prizes.  Everyone needs to get donations.  Need to check on flyer, meal cost and speaker.  Match sponsors need to bring donations.  Cantrell, Kothlow, Tainter to check on plaques & class awards.  John Koon will send out list to BOD.



2007 Board of Director meetings.(dates):


Email meeting prior to Annual Banquet.

May 2 @ 2pm, CHP

July 25 @ 2pm, CPPA-LASD

November 7, @ 8:30am, Annual Meeting, Stockton, CA


Old business:  None 


New Business:     


Discussion for sponsors to have shooters to turn in all cards.  (Even for poor scores)

Discuss match fees and costs.  Will check and track for next annual meeting.  CPPA costs for plaques, food, etc.  Discuss keeping match fees at $30 and postal fees up to $10. 


Motion by Eason and Arthur to keep regular CPPA match fees at $30 plus NRA fees.

Motion..Removed…covered by CPPA rules/regs…..”not to exceed $50 including NRA fees”.


Sponsors to submit match info to NRA to get matches on the NRA calendar…(register matches are counted)


John Koon can get CPPA shirts with LOGO.  He will check on costs.


Tom Gaines suggested getting involved with the CRPA to sponsor state championships for pistol.

Need more information on subject.


Note to computer file:  Need to change shooters’ NRA classification in CPPA Master program.


Meeting Adjourned……2:37pm


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