2009 CPPA Annual Meeting, 11/14/09, at the Stockton Police Range, Stockton, CA


9:00 am……..Meeting begins.


ALL CPPA Board Members present, except ……Tainter, Krupa and Yoshida


TREASURER’S REPORT....Read and presented to all members at the annual meeting.


All CPPA accounts are in good standings.  Match income up for 2009, in part due to fines and late fees.  BOD per diem checks will be issued during the meeting and will be reflected on next year’s report.   Report accepted.


MINUTES...minutes from State Match meeting read and accepted.   


BY-LAWS......Nothing new. 


RULES COMMITTEE… Nothing new for CPPA rules, discussion on the NRA rule changes for Stock Auto match..


MEMBERSHIP….. 12 new CPPA members for 2009, average run 8-10 per year.


MATCH SPONSORS…Sponsors need to forward new member info (applications and fees) to Liddi within one week of the match. Discussion to put CPPA dues due reminder on the website at the start of the year.  .


STATS AND RECORDS....... 2009 stats we reviewed by all in attendance, 49 shooters with 10+ matches.




DISTINGUISHED MATCH........The 2009 final standings emailed to BOD and posted at today’s meeting.  While reviewing the Distinguished results it was determined that Kevin Worrell is not a member of the CPPA, and therefore not eligible for the Distinguished Badge.  Will need to revisit the Paradise Classic Distinguished results to correctly award leg points


Discussion on non-member distinguished points. Motion to allow that any non-members forfeit any leg points they earned in 2009, and points earned prior to 2009 will remain. Motion carried. If these shooters become CPPA members during the next season they will then be eligible to earn leg points.


After the determination of Worrell’s standing, five shooters legged out in 2009, two with the revolver and three for the semi-auto.  We have to order badges (revolver and semi-auto). Phil has contacted the company and we have to order ten of each at a cost of $1,389.53, costs are up due to the price of gold. Motion made to order additional badges, motion carried.  Phil will be placing the order.


TARGETS……No issues.  Reminder to all match sponsors that the targets have to be NRA approved, with the NRA logo. 


PUBLICATIONS. Front Sight posted on the website.  Match flyers and match results are also posted on the website. 




Long Beach PD had discussed the possibility of co-hosting a match in 2010 but sent word that they would not, postponing their bid for reinstatement for another year.


NEW BUSINESS          


CPPA to compose a letter to Deputy Chief Mike Castro and NRA complimenting then on a good match and acknowledge the improvements they have made in the last couple years. Will also be making a couple suggestions – improve the public address system, need to make a quick decision (within 30 minutes) when the target system fails and starting the matches on time. Also discussion for inclusion was that the World Team matches should be fired matches not paper matches. John Koon will draft the letter.


The Nevada Police Pistol Association was discussed with all CPPA members in attendance.




Membership accepts nominations for Sportsperson of the Year for 2009.

Nominations: Helen Papietro and Ray Bednar


Tom Cantrell and Jerry Eason counted votes and will announce the winner at the CPPA annual Banquet on June 26, 2010.


Jerry Eason has the ballots for Sportsperson of the Year.


Free Match Entry for all 2010 CPPA matches:


Drawing was for all CPPA members present at the 2009 ANNUAL MEETING. Winner is Mike Tangas – USBP. Mike will get FREE MATCH ENTRIES for all of the 2010 CPPA Matches.


Match Selections:


Selection of matches for 2010.  (using seniority list of sponsors)  .


Match Sponsor Seniority:


1.                   Stockton PD

2.                   CHP

3.                   SAC/SO

4.                   LAPRAAC

5.                   LASD

6.                   RSO

7.                   Santa Cruz-SO

8.                   CPPA

9.                   USBP






MAR 21            JACK’S MATCH @ Sacramento Sheriff’s Range


MAR 27-28        RSO @ Riverside range                          (Postal-CHP@SAC SO 3/28)


APR 11             CHP @ CHP Academy.                          (Postal-USBP @ RSO 4/10 & 4/11)


APR 25             Stockton PD @ SAC SO                        (Postal-SAC/SO, 4/24 & 42/5)


MAY 16            Sacramento SO @ SAC Range               (Postal-LAPRAAC @ RSO 5/15 & 5/16)


JUN 12-13         LAPRAAC @ LBPD range  (Postal- Stockton PD @ SAC 6/13)


JUN 26-27         LASD/LAPD#2 @ Wayside         NO POSTAL – BANQUET DINNER 6/26


JUL 24-25          CPPA State matches @ SAC SO range  NO POSTAL

                        BOD meeting 2pm-Jul 24


AUG 8              Santa Cruz-SO @ SAC-SO range           (Postal RSO 8/7 & 8/8 6A-12P)


AUG 18-21        USBP Regional @ SDSO range, San Diego, CA  NO POSTAL

                        BOD meeting 2pm-Aug 20


NOV 6              2010 CPPA Annual Meeting, Castaic, CA  @ 0830 hours



Other Matches (Not CPPA sanctioned)


JUN 4-5             Boise State & Regional Matches, Boise, ID

JUL 14-17          NRA Raton State & Regional Matches, Raton, NM

JUL 24-31          Western States- Police Summer Games, Reno, NV

SEP 19-23        NPSC, Albuquerque, NM





Contact information for the 2010 match schedule.  Each sponsor will send out match flyers and emails to all CPPA members prior to their matches.





JACK MATCH:  Bob Yoshida, email: bob.yoshida@sbcglobal.net


LAPD#1 (LAPRAAC Match):  Helen Papietro, email:   helenpapietro@verizon.net


CHP MATCH:  John Koon, email: johnkoon@pacbell.net


SAC/SO MATCH:  BOB YOSHIDA, email, bob.yoshida@sbcglobal.net

(Jack Match information also)   


STOCKTON MATCH:  Tom Cantrell, email-  Tom.Cantrell@SJCDA.org


LASD MATCH:  John Arthur, email- JDA@thevine.net


US BORDER PATROL: Ben Morrow, email: ppcexp@yahoo.com and/or Mike Tangas, email: mktangas@roadrunner.com


SANTA CRUZ:  Mark Tritenbach, email: Matritenbach@sbcglobal.net


LAPD2:  Bob Barnes, email-rebaim2plz@aol.com





PRESIDENT:                 Rick Kothlow, email: Rkothlow@aol.com


1ST VICE PRES:             Mike McGinity, email- MAXPITT@hotmail.com


SECRETARY:                John Krupa, e-mail: JAK743@aol.com


TREASURER:                Mark Liddi, email- HD38G00CH@msn.com ,  mcl0451@sbsheriff.org


SOUTHERN                  Helen Papietro, email- buck@buckbeagle.com


SOUTHERN                  Mike Tangas, email- mktangas@roadrunner.com


                                    Ben Morrow, email: ppcexp@yahoo.com


                        John Arthur, email: JDA@thevine.net


NORTHERN                        Bob Yoshida, email: bob.yoshida@sbcglobal.net



NORTHERN                  Jerry Eason, email: jp_eason@sbcglobal.net


                                                Tom Cantrell, email: Tom.Cantrell@SJCDA.org


                                    Ray Bednar, email: rayelkslayer@aol.com


FRONT SIGHT: Patti Fant, 4526 Grand Avenue, Montclair, CA  91763, email: ppeprmtpati@aol.com.

John Koon will put the Front Sight on the website and email to members.


11:30am..........MEETING ADJOURNED


2010 Board Meeting


11/14/09 12:15 PM – Meeting begins.


All NEW Board Members present, except Yoshida and Krupa.


President Rick Kothlow sets committees for 2010 season.


COMMITTEES for 2010:


Protest & Classifications:                       Krupa, Eason, Morrow

Stats & Records:                                   Koon

Membership:                                         Morrow, Liddi, McGinity

Distinguished Match:                              Phil Fant, Krupa

Publications:                                         Krupa, Koon

Match Sponsors:                                   Kothlow, Bednar, Cantrell

GOV 20                                                BOD…all will be involved.

By-Laws:                                               Papietro, Eason, Patti Fant (Pati to remain due to her knowledge of by-laws)

Competition Rules:                                 Morrow, Eason, Yoshida

Computer Book:                                     Koon

Awards & Trophies                                 Morrow, Kothlow, Tangas




List of to Do’s for Governor 20 banquet for Castaic/Wayside.  Helen Papietro will check on availability of the LAPD Academy for the banquet location and possible guest speaker.  REMINDER – all match sponsors need to provide raffle prizes for the banquet and try to get prizes donated.  Mike-USBP to check on plaques. 


Match sponsors should have their match flyers posted on the website at least one month before the match.


Meeting Adjourned……12:45pm