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2010 CPPA Annual meeting, 11/06/10, at the LASD Wayside Honor Camp

in Castaic, CA



8:33 am……..Meeting begins.


ALL CPPA Board Members present, except ……McGinity, Morrow and Yoshida



TREASURER’S REPORT....Read and presented to all members at the annual meeting.


All CPPA accounts are in good standings.  Report accepted.



MINUTES...minutes from meeting at Regional Match read and accepted.   



BY-LAWS......Nothing new. 



RULES COMMITTEE… discussion on rule changes for Distinguished Matches.  Question on the number of shooters in the distinguished matches for points to be awarded.  There has not been enough non-distinguished shooters participating and points have been awarded to a smaller number of non-distinguished shooters.  The standards for award points need to be adjusted.


New rule on Distinguished Matches: will be 3-5 non-distinguished shooters will be needed to be awarded 6 points.  Six (6) non-distinguished shooters will be needed to award 10 points.  Accepted by all.


Proposal for 2-man pick-up team.  CPPA members can elect to shoot on a 2-man pick-up team as long as no other department member shows at the match.  Un-attached shooters would be allowed to designate themselves as a 2-man pick up team.  This will be provisional for one (1) year.  Accepted by all



MEMBERSHIP….. 20 new CPPA members for 2010



MATCH SPONSORS…Sponsors need to forward new member info (applications and fees) to Helen Papietro within one week of the match. A request to allow Arlo Arcinas and Doug Hara to sponsor a match at the Long Beach PD range.  Request approved to allow them as a match sponsor.



STATS AND RECORDS....... 2010 stats will be posted on CPPA website within 10/20 days.  Members/Sponsor/BOD need to approval or disapproval by December 15.  Final stats will establish Gov-15 standings for annual awards.






DISTINGUISHED MATCH........The 2010 final standings were emailed to BOD and posted at today’s meeting.  Three (3) shooters legged out in Revolver and four (4) shooters legged out in Semi-Auto Pistol.  We have enough distinguished badges in both classes for the annual awards.  After the 2010 awards we have on hand five (5) revolver and eleven (11) semi-auto badges available.  These should be enough for awards the 2011 season.



PUBLICATIONS. Front Sight posted on the website.  Match flyers and match results are also posted on the website.  Send any pictures from matches to John Koon for posted on website.




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CPPA Match Selections:


Selection of CPPA matches for 2011.  (Using seniority list of sponsors).


Match Sponsor Seniority:


1.                   Stockton PD

2.                   CHP

3.                   SAC/SO

4.                   LAPRAAC

5.                   LASD

6.                   RSO

7.                   LAPD#2

8.                   Santa Cruz-SO

9.                   CPPA

10.               USBP

11.               DHS/ICE






MAR 5-6           ICE/LBPD @ LBPD range                       (Postal-CHP 3/6)


MAR 26            JACK’S MATCH @ Sacramento Sheriff’s Range (Reunion Time)


APR 2-3            CHP @ CHP Academy                           (Postal-USBP @ RSO 4/2 & 4/3)


APR 16-17        Stockton PD @ CHP Academy               (Postal-RSO @ RSO 4/16 & 4/17)


APR 30-            RSO @ RSO range                                (Postal-CHP 5/1)



MAY 14-15        SAC SO @ CHP Academy                     (Postal-RSO @ RSO 5/14 & 5/15)


JUN  4-5            CPPA @ LBPD range                            CPPA Banquet Dinner-June 4


JUN 25-26         LAPRAAC @ LBPD                               (Postal-CHP @CHP 6/26)


JUL 30-31          Santa Cruz SO @ CHP range                 (Postal-RSO @ RSO 7/30 & 7/31)


AUG 10-13        USBP Regional @ SDSO range              No Postal


NOV 12             2010 CPPA Annual Meeting, Stockton, CA  @ 8:30am



Other Matches  (Not CPPA sanctioned)


JUN 4-11           Western States- Police Summer Games, Ontario, CA

JUL 13-16          NRA Raton State & Regional Matches, Raton, NM

SEP 18-22        NPSC, Albuquerque, NM


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Contact information for the 2011 match schedule.  Each sponsor will send out match flyers and emails to all CPPA members prior to their matches.  Check CPPA website:


RIVERSIDE SO MATCH:  Adrian Ruiz  951-486-2763-w. 951-906-9520-cell, email: APRuiz@RIVERSIDESHERIFF.ORG


JACK MATCH:  Bob Yoshida,  916-802-2206-H, email: bob.yoshida@sbcglobal.net


LAPD#1 (LAPRAAC Match):  Helen Papietro, 714-337-9384-cell, email:   helenpapietro@verizon.net


CHP MATCH:  John Koon,  916-988-5429-H, email: johnkoon@pacbell.net


SAC/SO MATCH:  BOB YOSHIDA, 916-802-2206-H 

(Jack Match information also)   email, bob.yoshida@sbcglobal.net


STOCKTON MATCH:  Tom Cantrell, 1-209-603-7777-W, email- cantrell95242@aol.com


LASD MATCH:  John Arthur, 661-210-8509-cell email-   jarthur6@ca.rr.com

US BORDER PATROL: Mike Tangas,  (951-302-2130-H) , Cell  (951-326-5610) email: email: mktangas@roadrunner.com


SANTA CRUZ:  Paul Tessier, 775-267-2080, email: eglnest1@charter.net


ICE/LBPD MATCH:  Arlo Arcinas, (213) 216-3204 cell, arlo.arcinas@dhs.gov







PRESIDENT:                 Rick Kothlow, email: Rkothlow@aol.com


1ST VICE PRES:             Mike McGinity, email- MAXPITT@hotmail.com


SECRETARY:                John Krupa, e-mail: JAK743@aol.com


TREASURER:                Helen Papietro, email- helenpapietro@verizon.net


SOUTHERN VP:            Mike Tangas, email-   mktangas@roadrunner.com




DIRECTORS                 John Arthur, email: jarthur6@ca.rr.com


                                    Brian Reilly, email- BrianAlpine@yahoo.com


                                    Stefanie Diaz, email-  monoeil1@gmail.com




NORTHERN VP:            John Koon, email: johnkoon@pacbell.net



NORTHERN                  Jerry Eason, email: jp_eason@sbcglobal.net


                                                Tom Cantrell, email: cantrell95242@aol.com


Ray Bednar,  email- rayelkslayer@aol.com




FRONT SIGHT: Patti Fant, email: ppeprmtpati@aol.com.  John Koon will put the Front Sight on the website and email to members.



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Membership accepts nominations for Sportsperson of the Year for 2010.

Nominations:  Mark Liddi and Adrian Ruiz


Nominations collect by John Koon and Mike Tangas and counted votes and will announce the winner at the CPPA Annual Banquet in Long Beach, CA on June 4, 2011.





Free Match Entry for all 2011 CPPA matches:


Drawing was for all CPPA members present at the 2010 ANNUAL MEETING. Winner is Tom Cantrell – Stockton PD.  Tom gave his free matches to Helen Papietro.  Helen will get FREE MATCH ENTRIES for all of the 2011 CPPA Matches.





Pending IRS Filling Fees: Mark Liddi transferred the CPPA Treasurer’s books and paperwork to Helen Papietro.  Liddi advised that there will be a tax filling (non-profit) with the IRS and the CPPA should be aware of the pending cost.  BOD advised and OK’d pending fees.







11:29am..........MEETING ADJOURNED






























2011 (new) Board Meeting


11/6/10, 12:305 PM – Meeting begins.


All NEW Board Members present, except McGinity.


President Rick Kothlow sets committees for 2011 season.


COMMITTEES for 2010:


Protest & Classifications:                       Krupa, Eason, Diaz

Stats & Records:                                   Koon

Membership:                                         Tangas, McGinity

Distinguished Match:                              Phil Fant, Krupa

Publications:                                         Krupa, Koon

Match Sponsors:                                   Kothlow, Bednar, Cantrell

GOV 15                                                BOD…all will be involved.

By-Laws:                                               Arthur, Papietro, Eason, Patti Fant (Patti to remain due to her knowledge of by-laws)

Competition Rules:                                 Tangas, Eason, Diaz

Computer Book:                         Koon

Awards & Trophies                                 Reilly, Kothlow, Tangas






New Business


List of to Do’s for Governor 15 banquet for CPPA/Long Beach for June 4.  Arlo Arcinas will check on availability of the banquet location and possible guest speaker.  REMINDER – all match sponsors need to provide raffle prizes for the banquet and try to get prizes donated.  Mike-USBP to check on plaques. 


Gov 15 assignments:  Location-Arlo Arcinas, NRA Paperwork/scores-Koon, Flowers-Tangas/Vicky, Flyer/Program-Koon, Raffle Tickets-Papietro, Plaques/Awards-Kothlow/Tangas, Distinguished Awards-Krupa/Phil Fant.


All BOD members will email Kothlow prior to banquet on status of assignments.

(new).  NRA registrations can be done ON-LINE……ie: 2-matches, 2-applications and flyers to NRA also.


Match Sponsors need to send FLYERS to J. Koon-ASAP for posting on website.


Meeting Adjourned…12:54pm



Match sponsors should have their match flyers posted on the website at least one month before the match.



Meeting Adjourned……12:45pm