, 11/8/14, at the Embassy Suites in Valencia, CA


8:40 am……..Meeting begins.


ALL CPPA Board Members present, except ……Koon, Cantrell & Bednar 


TREASURER’S REPORT....Read and presented to all members at the annual meeting.


All CPPA accounts are in good standings.  We made more than we spent.  No money for targets.  Membership is up.  ICE team owes money for 2014  . 

Reminder: all Match Sponsors are responsible for paying the $50 Sponsor fee for the Annual Meeting location costs.  Report accepted.


MINUTES...minutes from meeting at SD Regional Match read and accepted.   


BY-LAWS......Nothing new. 




MEMBERSHIP….. 14 new CPPA members for 2014.  Most from LAPRAAC matches.


Life members information needs to be updated on “LIFE” members for any (address) corrections.

All Match Sponsors were asked to try to bring on new members.


MATCH SPONSORS…nothing.   The other LAPD#2 team and match sponsor status was discussed, but no one was present at the meeting to provide information.  LAPD#2 team sponsor status was dropped in 2012.


STATS AND RECORDS.......Some scores were mixed into other areas.  (i.e.: Service with Distinguished) Changes will be done by Koon later.




DISTINGUISHED MATCH........The 2014 final standings were emailed to BOD and posted at today’s meeting.  Only two (2) shooters legged out in Semi-Auto Pistol.  We have enough distinguished badges for the 2014 season awards.  We have one revolver badge left.   We will need to order more revolver badges in the future.  We have limited and held only four (4) distinguished matches (plus the state & regional matches) in order to get enough shooters involved to award points.  There has been a lack of non-distinguished shooters at some of the 2014 matches.  A proposal was made and agreed on by the membership.  The trial proposal is to pool all distinguished (4) matches and then award points on the highest scores in the complete pool list.  Proposal will be written by Helen P.


PUBLICATIONS. Nothing.  Front Sight posted on the website.  Match flyers and match results are also posted on the website.  Send any pictures from matches to John Koon for posted on website.

John Koon will post the results for 2014.   johnkoon@pacbell.net




New Rule Proposal

Starting with the 2015 season, match fees for 1500’s will be limited to no more than $35.00 with the exception of the State Championship Match and any Regional Match, those matches will be limited to no more than $45.00 per 1500.  The cost of the match will include all fees associated with the match (NRA, CPPA and Targets) with the exception of postal fees.  This rule will be reviewed and evaluated at each annual meeting to access if an increase of fees is necessary to cover raising costs to match sponsors.


Membership all voted in favor of rule proposal.





Pooling of the 4 distinguished scores proposal to be written by Helen Papietro.



CPPA Tournament Selections:


Selection of CPPA tournaments for 2015.  (Using seniority list of sponsors).


Match Sponsor Seniority:


1.                Stockton PD

2.                CHP

3.                SAC/SO

4.                LAPRAAC

5.                RSO

6.                Santa Cruz-SO

7.                CPPA

8.                USBP

9.                DHS/ICE

10.             USBP-El Centro









April 11-12                                Riverside SO  (D) (*bod*)               Postal by North


April 25-26                                LAPRAAC @ LBPD                         Postal by North


May 2-3                                    CHP (D)                                         Postal by USBP @ RSO


May 16-17                                Stockton PD  (D)                            Postal by RSO


May 30-31                                   CPPA State Championship (D)(*bod*)  @RSO

                                                    CPPA Annual Awards Banquet-5/30


May 30-June 6                            Cal Police Games @ SD SO range (not CPPA sanctioned)

                                                    PPC/Service gun matches on June 1


June 13-14                               Sacramento-SO (D)                        Postal by ELC-BP @ RSO


June 27-28                               USBP El Centro  @ RSO                   Postal by north


July 15-18                                Raton, NM NRA regional (not CPPA sanctioned)


July 25-26                                DHS-ICE @ LBPD                          Postal by north


Aug 1-2                                    Santa Cruz-SO                               Postal by RSO


Aug 19-22                                 USBP Regional @ San Diego SO  (D) (*bod*)


September 19-23                      National Police Shooting Championship (not CPPA sanctioned)

                                                Albuquerque, NM    


November 7                              CPPA Annual Membership Meeting  

                                                    Northern CA-Location to be set-@ 8:30am





(D) - CPPA Distinguished match by this sponsor.


(*bod*) BOD meetings:


RSO match       4/11 (email prior)

CPPA match     5/30 @ 2pm

USBP match     8/21 @ 2pm


















Contact information for the 2015 match schedule.  Each sponsor will send out match flyers and emails to all CPPA members prior to their matches. 



Check CPPA website: http://www.capolicepistol.org/






RIVERSIDE SO MATCH:  Adrian Ruiz  951-486-2763-w. email: APRuiz@RIVERSIDESHERIFF.ORG


LAPD#1 (LAPRAAC Match):  Helen Papietro, 714-337-9384-cell, email:   beagle94@yahoo.com



CHP MATCH:  John Koon,  916-988-5429-H, email: johnkoon@pacbell.net


SAC/SO MATCH:  BOB YOSHIDA, 916-802-2206-cell

email, bob.yoshida@sbcglobal.net


STOCKTON MATCH:  Tom Cantrell, 1-209-603-7777-W, email- cantrell95242@aol.com


US BORDER PATROL: Brian Reilly, (619) 279-5202-cell, email- BrianAlpine@yahoo.com


SANTA CRUZ:  Paul Tessier, (831) 682-0904-cell, email: eglnest1@charter.net


ICE/LBPD MATCH:  Arlo Arcinas, (213) 216-3204 cell, arlo.arcinas@dhs.gov


USBP-EL CENTRO:  Shawn Smalldridge, (626)826-2022, email – shawnsmalldridge@msn.com










**Election of Board of Directors for 2015 CPPA.


Membership voted to keep current Board.

















PRESIDENT:                Mike Tangas, 45561 Calle Ayora, Temecula, CA 92592

(951) 302-2130-H, cell-(951) 326-5610, email-   mktangas@roadrunner.com


1ST VICE PRES:            John Koon, 8763 Kevmich Way, Orangedale, CA 95662

(916) 988-5429-H, (916) 681-2300-cell, email: johnkoon@pacbell.net


SECRETARY:              John Krupa, P.O. BOX 1911, Bonita, CA  91908

                                    (619) 421-0160(H), e-mail: JAK743@aol.com


TREASURER:              Helen Papietro,  5365 Victoria Place, Westminster, CA  92683,

(714) 962-9925-H, (714) 337-9384-cell, email- beagle94@yahoo.com


VICE-PRES                  Viki Iredale, 45561 Calle Ayora, Temecula, CA 92592

SOUTHERN                 (951) 302-2130-H, cell-(951) 326-5611, email-   vktangas@roadrunner.com



SOUTHERN                      John Arthur, 22924 Sycamore Creek Dr., Valencia, CA 91354

DIRECTORS                    (661) 297-2125, (661) 210-8509-cell email: jarthur6@ca.rr.com


                                    Brian Reilly, 2245 Marquano Ct., Alpine, CA  91901

                                    (619) 279-5202-cell, email- BrianAlpine@yahoo.com


                                    Stefanie Diaz, PO Box 800013, Santa Clarita, CA  91380          

                                    (818) 645-1549-cell  email:  lapd31285@gmail.com



NORTHERN                     Mike Jerd,  3601 Monteverde Dr., Lincoln, CA 95648

VICE-PRES                  (916) 200-8586-cell, email: A185Pilot@aol.com



NORTHERN                 Tom Cantrell, 419E Swain Road, Stockton, CA  95207-4420

DIRECTORS                (209) 603-7777-cell, email: cantrell95242@aol.com


Ray Bednar, 8620 Oakbank Way, Sacramento, CA 95828

(916) 204-1100-cell, email- rayelkslayer@aol.com


                                    Mike McGinity, 6087 Palm Dr., Carmichael, CA  95608

(916) 971-1572, email- MAXPITT@hotmail.com





FRONT SIGHT: John Koon will put the Front Sight on the website and email to

members.    johnkoon@pacbell.net

















Membership accepts nominations for Sportsperson of the Year for 2014.

Nominations:  Adrian Ruiz, John Arthur, & Ken Yeto.


Nominations collect by Mike Tangas and Brian Reilly, both will counted votes and announce the winner at the CPPA Annual Banquet on May 30, 2015 in Riverside, CA.





Free Match Entry for all 2015 CPPA matches:


Drawing was for all CPPA members present at the 2014 ANNUAL MEETING.


Winner is Steve Estrada -LAPD 












11:15 am..........MEETING ADJOURNED































2015 (new) Board Meeting


11/8/14, 11:38am – Meeting begins.


All Board Members present, except ... Cantrell, Koon & Bednar


President Mike Tangas sets committees for 2015 season.


COMMITTEES for 2014:


Protest & Classifications:                      Krupa, Iredale, Diaz

Stats & Records:                                  Koon, Tangas

Membership:                                         Tangas, McGinity

Distinguished Match:                            Phil Fant, Krupa

Publications:                                         Krupa, Koon

Match Sponsors:                                   Iredale, Bednar, Cantrell

GOV 15                                                BOD…all will be involved.

By-Laws:                                              Arthur, Papietro, Jerd, McGinity

Competition Rules:                                Tangas, Jerd, Diaz

Computer Book:                                    Koon

Awards & Trophies                               Reilly,Tangas, Cantrell


New Business


Banquet in Riverside area.  Location to be set. 


Gov 15 assignments:  Location- Rick Kothlow , NRA Paperwork/scores-Tangas, Flowers-Diaz, Reilly,  Flyer/Program  - Iredale, Tangas, Raffle Tickets - Papietro and McGinity, Plaques/Awards-Tangas,  Distinguished Awards-Krupa,  Sportsperson of Year plaque - Tangas, Reilly


Do BOD meeting by email on April 11, @ RSO match. Prepare for annual awards banquet.


REMINDER – all match sponsors need to provide TWO raffle prizes for the banquet and try to get prizes donated.  Mike Tangas will check on pricing for plaques. 


All BOD members will email Tangas prior to banquet on status of assignments.


Discussed Banquet costs for 2014 being too high.  Explained that charges by restaurant are up and also cost of banquet room.  Advise Kothlow to keep cost under $40.00.


Match Sponsors should be submitting their NRA applications as early as possible for inclusion in the NRA magazine(s). Match Sponsors need to send FLYERS to J. Koon-ASAP for posting on website.  Law Enforcement only on flyers.  Military Police are ok.  Koon can do a mass emailing.


Match sponsors should have their match flyers posted on the website at least one month before the match.


Jeremy David would like to take over the computer book contract from John Koon.  David will contact John Koon and discuss the change.  The CPPA pays $1000.00 for the computer book services.  David and Koon will advise CPPA BOD of this change.


Old Business:


Proposal for the 4 Distinguished match scores to be pooled to be written by Helen.


Meeting Adjourned……11:59 am