The California Police Pistol Association is sponsoring two Sanctioned NRA Police Pistol Combat Registered Tournaments on the same weekend at the Sacramento Sheriff’s Firearms Training Center and simultaneously as a “Postal Tournament” at the Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center in Riverside.


By having back-to-back Tournaments shooters can compete in two Tournaments in one weekend, have all scores fired eligible for NRA Classification, and save travel costs and time.


The Tournaments will be conducted on Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th with the Santa Cruz Sheriff Pistol Team PPC Tournament to be fired first and the Santa Cruz Sheriff Reserves PPC Tournament second.  You can fire both Tournaments on one day or over two days.






Matches Offered: Each Tournament will offer the NRA Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistol Match and Open Class Revolver Matches.  The Santa Cruz Sheriff Pistol Team PPC Tournament will also offer the NRA Stock Service Semi-Automatic Pistol Match and Stock Service Revolver Matches.  The NorCal Reserves PPC Tournament will offer the California Police Pistol Association Distinguished Matches.


There will also be non-sanctioned Two and Four Officer Team Matches available that will be non-fired paper matches using each team members Match 5 score.  Since this is a non-fired match, pursuant to PPC Rule 19.3 no team scores will be forwarded to NRA Law Enforcement Competitions.   All teams must be declared with Bob Yoshida prior to the first member of the team firing a shot.  Failure to do so will result in the disqualification of the entire team.


Locations and Points of Contact:


Primary Range -  Sacramento Sheriff’s Firearms Training Facility

12270 Bruceville Road

  Elk Grove, CA. 95757


Please contact John Koon at for more information, shooting times and to Pre-Register.


Postal Location - Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center

3473 Davis Road

Riverside, California 92518


Please contact Adrian Ruiz at for more information, shooting times and to Pre-Register.


Governing Rules:  Current NRA Police Pistol Combat Rules will govern throughout the Tournaments.  All competitors are encouraged to review the current PPC rules.  The NRA Police Pistol Combat Rule Book is available on-line at


Eligibility:  Open to any eligible law enforcement member as outlined in Police Pistol Combat Rule Section 2.4. NRA Membership is not required for any NRA competitions but is encouraged.  A special law enforcement discount form for NRA Membership and Renewal will be available at check in.


Registration:  Pre-Register by using the form on the last page or in person on-site.  Due to the limited number of shooting lanes available, Pre-Registration is highly recommended.  If you are going to register on-site please complete the Registration Form and bring it with you to speed your registration process.


All competitors MUST present the following items during Registration Check In:

§  Valid Department or Agency Identification showing eligibility.

§  Current Classification Card or current Temporary Classification Book unless you have not fired in a PPC Tournament before.


Match Schedule and Relay Times:  The Statistical Offices will open one hour prior to the first match being fired with competition scheduled to begin at 0900 at Elk Grove and 0800 at Riverside.  Relays will be fired on the hour with the last relay at 1400 hours each day. 


Please contact the listed Point of Contact for the firing location you will be shooting at for specific Match Order and Relay details.


Tournament Fees:  Includes NRA Match Fees Where Applicable


Santa Cruz Sheriff Pistol Team PPC Tournament


§  NRA Open Class Revolver Matches 1 thru 5                                                                $ 35.00

§  NRA Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistol Matches 8 thru 12                                   $ 35.00

§  NRA Stock Service Revolver Match 7                                                                             $ 15.00

§  NRA Stock Service Semi-Automatic Pistol Match 14                                                $ 15.00


Santa Cruz Sheriff Reserves PPC Tournament

§  NRA Open Class Revolver Matches 1 thru 5                                                                $ 35.00

§  NRA Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistol Matches 8 thru 12                                   $ 35.00

§  California Distinguished Revolver Match                                                                      $ 10.00

§  California Distinguished Semi-Automatic Pistol Match                                           $ 10.00


NOTE:  Distinguished Matches are CPPA sanctioned ONLY


Classification:   Competitors will be entered using their current NRA Police Pistol Combat Classification of High Master, Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman, or Classified. Competitors with expired Classifications, new shooters with no Classification, or those without a Temporary Record Score Book will be registered in the High Master Class as required by PPC Rule 19.2.


Competitors may check their current NRA Classification at


Categories:  There will be no categories used in these Tournaments.


Awards:  All awards will consist of either cash and/or merchandise.  One award will be presented for every seven competitors in a Class.   If there are less than 5 competitors in a Classification, those competitors may be moved to the next higher Classification for Awards Purposes by the Tournament Director per NRA Rule 19.15.


Targets:  Official NRA B-27 targets will be used.   


Scoring:  Competitor scoring will be used. Pursuant to PPC Rule 14.2, NO competitor will score their own target NOR may a competitor score the targets of a competitor from their same agency. If this cannot be avoided due to the Relay’s makeup contact a Tournament Official to score the targets. PPC Rules prohibit the use of plug-type scoring gauges. Overlays and Eagle Eyes may be used by competitors. 


Competitors will inspect their own targets after scoring, check their score card for correctness and sign their score card to indicate acceptance of the score.

Score cards must be signed and are FINAL once signed so PLEASE double check the recorded hits and values BEFORE signing.   Accepted score cards will be checked by the Statistical Office and posted on the Match Results Bulletin Board. Competitors must sign their scorecards or risk not having scores accepted.


Challenges:  If the competitor wants to Challenge the scoring, they must inform the Chief Range Officer, complete the Challenge Form and pay a Challenge Fee if $ 1.00.  The fee will be refunded if the Challenge is ruled in favor of the shooter.  The Chief Range Officer will then clip the score card to the target along with the Challenge Form and the target will be moved to the Challenge area.  The Challenge will then be processed following NRA PPC Rule 16.1.  


Sighting Shots:  No sighting shots will be allowed.


Refires:  No re-fires will be allowed for defective guns or ammunition, or for other malfunctions of the shooters equipment. Competitors may clear jams or malfunctions provided all safety requirements are met.


Optical Devices:  No optical devices other than normal glasses worn for corrective eyesight or Sunglasses will be permitted on the range during Match firing for use by competitors. Use of a mechanical iris, eye patch or eye cover is also prohibited.


Courses of Fire:  The Range Officer will announce the course of fire, shooting positions and time prior to the start of each Match and Stage.  Time will start with a loaded gun in holster.  No part of the competitor's hand may touch the gun or holster until the command to commence firing is given. 


All loading will be with cartridges taken from the competitor's pocket, cartridge belt, mechanical loaders, or special pouch.  To force reloading under time restraints, magazine loading is limited to 6 rounds per magazine. There is no limit on the number of magazines you have but all used during the firing of a stage or string MUST be on your person.  It is the competitors’ responsibility to have sufficient ammunition in their possession to complete the Match being fired.


A conventional right or left‑hand holster must be used. For safety reasons, shoulder, cross draw or holsters which require releasing by insertion of finger within the trigger guard will not be allowed. Holster cannot be tied down.


If a competitor is uncertain about any equipment being eligible they must contact the Tournament Director and NRA Match Supervisor for a decision prior to firing the first Match.